Friday, December 31, 2010


Hope 2011 is filled with special little moments that fill your life with love, joy and peace.


One of my favourite things to do is sit in a coffee shop and read. It was many years before I could relax and slow down enough to enjoy this past time. My favourite coffee is Artigiano but there wasn't one of their bistros in the area where I was today.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Today I turned 71. I wanted to begin a new blog to celebrate this day and also begin a new, positive celebration of my life with a record of "HAPPY MOMENTS" I experience each day. I would like to share these and maybe - dare I say - little bits of wisdom that I have picked up or learned over the years. I will keep my Natures Brushtrokes blog to record my artistic accomplishments and my Crazy Quilt blog for my sewing accomplishments.
My first HAPPY MOMENT was last night at dusk. I looked up to see this beautiful combination of urban life and nature and had to take some photos:
My second LITTLE MOMENT is from today and one of many special moments that I had today. My birthday started with my EDD phoning from NS and wishing me a Happy Birthday. I had already opened her gift of 8 free training sessions and a Starbucks card. At 11:30 am YDD arrived and gave me a the gift of a ticket to Circ de. Solei in March (with her of course) - something exciting to look forward to. Then we were off to the spa for a massage (a Christmas present from her) to start the day - wonderful! Then we went for lunch, window shopped, had a latte' and she bought chocolate at Purdy's. My girls are in the process of teaching me how to take better care of myself and become a Diva! I have, for most of my life, lived very frugally and, as a result, not been particularly nurturing to myself and not allowing myself to have nice things. They are both good shoppers buying things on sale and really into self-care. It's all about having fun with how to dress and take care of yourself - like Sarah ban Brathnach's Simple Abundance. So our window shopping ended at Sterling Shoes and I bought these two little Guess bags that were on sale for $25 each - regular price $65. I love a bargain!!
My second Little Moment, treating myself to these pouch purses:
When I arrived home there was a message from my Granddaughter and one from a very good friend that I hadn't spoken to for a while. I spoke to them both this evening.
Those were my special moments for last night and today. The most special one being spending the whole day with my YDD and being completely spoiled.